Tesni Ward

“The natural world has always captivated me. Some of my earliest memories involved spending every waking hour in the garden, fascinated by the life living amongst trees, sky and waters. Whilst I enjoyed being out exploring many years, I didn’t have an outlet to show the things I saw until I picked up a camera in my teenage years. Towards the end of 2014 I was dedicating more time and energy into photography, and it steadily evolved until March of 2016 when I decided to take the step to becoming a full-time photographer. Working as a wildlife photographer is a constant challenge and forever evolving, but in spite of this, it’s extremely rewarding and I aspire to use my images and stories to promote conservation and hopefully a greater appreciation and respect for wildlife and nature. It’s my strong belief that the welfare of the wildlife must always come first in photography. I regularly work on projects with specific species, developing a deep appreciation and understanding of them alongside a portfolio of images. All species have value in life and photography, whether it’s a pigeon or lion, which is why I spend significant amount of time working with ‘common’ species to try and break the stigma and negative opinions that are sometimes held and show them in a new light.”