• If you have an art gallery or a related store, please contact us for the possibilities.

  • We’re always looking for new creative photographers! Are you a (semi) professional photographer and do you think your photos would be a contribution to the Goodman&Co selection? Or do you like to take pictures on assignment? Send an e-mail to info@goodman-co.art with your website and details, so together we can explore the possibilities.

  • If you are a consumer, you can look at the gallery page. Here you can see which gallery is the closest. Is there no gallery nearby? Please send an email to info@goodman-co.art
    If you are an art gallery or related store, please send an email to info@goodman-co.art

  • Yes, you can. Of each edition, a number are produced in a standard format and 5 can be produced in the standard format or in a different one, bigger or smaller. However the dimensions must be in the same ratio.

  • Our limited editions of the fine art photography are original lambda photoprints on the best photographic paper, which is pasted on first class Dibond. Dibond is an aluminium composite panel. Then it’s bonded with UV resistant Perspex, including a hanging system on the back.

  • A Lambda c-type print is a digital print produced using a Lambda printer. The exposed paper is then ‘wet’ processed using photographic chemistry, similar to traditional photographic prints produced using negatives with an enlarger in a darkroom. With Lambda printing, digital files are printed directly to photographic materials using RGB lasers. It exposes light sensitive emulsions of photo papers and backlit film directly, creating continuous tones in your printed images.