Vincenzo Dell’Avvento

At first glance, the softly lit still life photographs of fruits, vegetables and other objects (childhood) could be mistaken for paintings. Inspired by paintings from movements like realism, hyperrealism and magic realism, Vincenzo’s photographs reverses the usual relationship of photography to painting. Rather than using photography as an inspiration and means for painting, as photorealists do, Vincenzo makes photographs inspired by realist paintings and drawings. Further inspiration Vincenzo finds in the paintings of the old masters from the 17th century on to the 20th century. Particularly the soft light is a big inspiration and you find this in a lot of his photographs. In much of his current work he puts the objects in paper or plastics, like trays, bags or wraps. He found that this transforms the objects in the plastic and so create new ways of seeing every day objects. Also he really loves the way the light interacts with the different kind of plastics. Said that, Vincenzo cannot deny that his photographs contain any deeper meaning than their immediate aesthetic impact. The purpose of his art is simply to create works of art for joy and beauty and to create new ways of seeing familiar objects.