Jef Poldervaart

He is a romantic, he appreciates ambience, fragments of music, penetrating colours, stylish lighting, an intriguing gaze, an elegant sentence in a book. He is drawn to interesting objects, cities and people. He is active in the field of photography, film, painting, writing and music-making. His photography occurs almost in a cinematic matter. The models do not pose, but improvise on a theme, play a scene from a non-existent film. They are an important part of the process, not just a pretty face or an attractive body.
In his work is a lot a room for fantasy – every observer can take from it and can take whatever he or she wants. There is no message, but purely and exclusively made in order to create a thing of “beauty”, something that touches the heart. There is certainly a soul in his work. These artworks are published by another publisher and are limited photos casted in resin.